Pronounced: Coam-a-reech

Meaning: Asylums

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We all have experienced moments where we ask ourselves

"how far we will go to chase our dreams?"

The distances we travel and the lengths we go are immeasurable, in hopes that we end up just one step closer. For me, my dream is to open an agricultural animal sanctuary, where the lives of farm animals are respected and youths who have aged out of the foster care system have a place to call home.


My dream began in 2012 when I was in Afghanistan with the United States Marine Corps, as I was sitting on post looking into a empty field I couldn't help but to think of what my next step in life should be, this is when I knew I wanted to work with animals more than anything. As soon as I left active duty I moved back to Californa to be close to my family but knew I couldn't spend my life there. After a year of applying for universities across the world I finally began working on my B.S. in Biology in Scotland in 2017. During this time I was also volunteering with a local charity whose mission was to rehabilitated horses that were abused, neglected, or abandoned. I realized very quickly that this type of philanthropic work was my passion. For me, there was no limit to what I could do to help these animals. I started an OnlyFans account as a supplemental source of income for the charity, making good on my promise that these horses would never be without.

One year later, after becoming the vice chairman of this charity, I resigned. After some conflicts with aspects of the charity, I handed in my resignation letter with a deep sadness that sits with me still to this day. I still miss the animals and think about them daily. However, I believe I accomplished what fate set out for me, helping me fully realize what I want to do with my life. I want to create a place to rescue animals who would otherwise be left for dead or abandoned by the agricultural complex. A place which will offer options to young people aging out of foster care to live, grow, and work while finding out who they want to be. And finally, a place that can be used by the everyday individual to get in touch with themselves and develop a deeper respect for the lives of agricultural animals.

Knowing that this is a huge undertaking, I am reminded daily by how much this is going to cost to get started. But with the community I have built on OnlyFans and the help of individuals like Hanna and Shelby, I full heartedly believe this is something we can do and do the right way.