Board of Trustees

Conor Chairperson

Conor has been leading the charge on creating this charity for a number of years. With pervious experiences of being on a charity board he brings experienced leadership, or so we tell him. He mostly brings people in who are smarter than him to do the job, which is a skill we guess? He calls it leadership but we call it... nothing we keep our mouths shut around here.


Ryan has a long history of community service and is currently a conciliar for Fife, which he will constantly remind you is the last kingdom in Scotland. Ryan is leading the charge with our education and community development goals and we couldn't ask for a better person for the job.


Shelby is the backbone of the team and the definition of a hard worker. She has many years of experience with animals and charities, which has shaped many of our polices... so if we fail its her fault is what we're trying to say.


Izzy, better known as Dogtor Izzy on many of her social media platforms, is a veterinary surgeon and all around kind soul. We very much look forward to the advice she will offer and apologies for the many texts she'll get at 2am of us freaking out over every bump and bruise.


Luke is handsome. I'm sure we'll find a good use for him at some point but... Man he's handsome.