How you can help

First off, thanks for wanting to help, that's really amazing of you. Below are some ways you can help support this dream until we can start doing some good in the world.

Small monthly donations

In order to get things up and running, we are going to need a large amount of funds on hand to do a lot of things quickly and properly. This is why we are saving now so that we don't have to scramble later. If you would be able to donate a small amount each month, we will be able to do things properly when the time comes. Just hit that wee donate button up top and you're good to go.

Follow us

Right now our social media presence revolves around Conzo and his different platforms, which will be converted into the charities main platforms once we are ready to begin work. This means we will not have to start from scratch with new social media profiles once the sanctuary is established, so our community of supporters will remain intact. If you found this webpage, you most likely came from one of Conzos other accounts, in which case we urge you to follow all his other accounts too! By following as many as you can, you can help spread our message and will help us in establishing a strong social media presence which will help us in the future.

Help us make sure it's done right

The best skill you can have, is to listen to people who have the best skills. If you have an idea or some feedback which you think could help us establish this sanctuary, we want to hear it! Send an email and tell us what you have in mind.