These are some of the questions we get and some facts that we really want to put out there.

When will you start?

Right now! By starting our fundraising now, we are actively working towards setting up our sanctuary and saving for what we will need. We are currently waiting to hear back from OSCR, the estate managers for the land, and the charity which will help us build our infrastructure. As for boots on the ground we hope to have everything in place for the spring of 2022, where we'll bring in the general population to start doing work such as:

  • Land management.

    • Moving local populations of plants from the location where the animal habitats will be to open land, this way we still provide an area for the natural flora and invertebrates that call it home. Most of the flora that grows there is poisonous to the animals, such as ferns, so its a necessity to move them, but it would go against our moral compos to just destroy this habitat.

  • Construction.

    • While we are working with a charity that teaches construction skills to young people who are looking for qualifications, there will still be plenty to do for those looking to get involved! This may be building fencing, communal areas, and other fun projects.

  • Community projects.

    • We really want Comraich to reflect the community, which will require a lot of input from the community itself. We hope to have a lot of the decoration and events that we host to directly reflect the best part of the people who live there. From murals painted on the side of our buildings to parties put on by the people for the people using the land we work on.

Are you a registered charity?

This is the most important thing to understand, we are not a registered charity.... YET. We are moving forward as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organization and are currently waiting for OSCR to get back to us which is taking a bit of time. While we wait we are working on some exciting things, so keep checking in!

Why did you leave the last Charity?

This is a very personal matter and something Conzo has only talked about in length on more private accounts, as he felt that he needed to tell his followers why the money was no longer being sent to the previous charity. While we can assure everyone that there was no form of animal abuse taking place, there was a conflict that arose from the treatment of a volunteer which made it impossible for Conzo to preach the mission statement of that charity in good faith. In the closing statement of his resignation letter Conzo simply wrote:

"We are not judged by how we treat people who can do something for us, but by how we treat those who have nothing to offer."

We still wish the best for this charity and the work that they do but in the end it was best to part ways. While we are answering this questions for those who wanted to know more, we ask that you do not retaliate in any way against this charity. Any negative backlash might hurt the animals in their care, which is something we want to avoid at all costs.

What happens to the money that gets donated

Since we currently have two ways to donate, there are two different things that happen to your donations.

Bought Content: This is from the sale of content produced by Conzo and is currently just being saved or spent on charity needs such as the rental of an office and travel for the volunteers and staff to come and go. Some money does go back into the creation of content but the majority is put aside for when we will need it. Once we obtain a charity number and can open a charity bank account, this money will go from being deposited into a business account to being directly deposited into the charity account.

Website donation button: Once we have the charity bank account set up it will be possible to donate small monthly amounts through PayPal and through our crowdfunding campaigns.