The Plan


So far we have only pulled in funding from content produced from Conzo which goes directly into a business account until we receive a charity number and are able to open a charity bank account. While this has been essential for covering running costs such as the office and volunteer travel, it will not cover our initial start up costs.

Once we have our charity number we will begin a crowdfunding campaign with prizes such as names on plaques, free weekends in the glamping pods, naming an animal (within reason, you people be crazy sometimes), being honoured on the website, and personal thank you videos from Conzo and the team.

After the charity has been established our funding plans will be directed towards applying for established grants and donations from the general population. The space will also be available for the hosting of special events, and the eventual construction of "glamping" accommodations will also provide us with an additional source of income.

Conzo will most likely continue making the content he does, but mostly just because he really enjoys the experience, and loves the community he has formed there.

Living space

We'll be accommodating three main groups; volunteers, visitors staying on property, and retreats such as yoga, business, school, other charities, and other groups in the community. We are building glamping pods on the property along side classrooms, bunker style housing, storage, and facilities such as bathrooms and showers.

We would like to pull in volunteers who may have aged out from the adoption/foster system and are seeking further accommodation, and is within our 10 year plan. We'd love to act as a half-way home for them at this turbulent point in their lives. This accommodation will, of course, be provided for free. While they're with us we'll take every opportunity to offer guidance and mentoring as they learn the value of life, nature, and working with others. While this is a complicated dream to chase and not something we can do right away, we will begin learning how to do this by collaborating with carer groups and offering retreats/afterschool programs along side educational programs and qualifications.

Visitors staying with us would be used as a form of income, as glamping (glamorized camping) is a popular option for people looking for a unique vacation experience. Add this onto being located on an animal sanctuary, we believe this might be a good way to pull in money from time to time which will be reinvested in the maintained of these accommodations and providing a high quality of life for our non-human animal residence.

Holding events at the sanctuary is something we're very passionate about, contacting yoga teachers around the UK and offering the opportunity to run a yoga retreat on the sanctuary. Being able to run their own retreat crosses yoga teachers minds pretty often, and we would simply take a percentage for accommodation. This is still a very new idea for us and something we would love to get more feedback on.

These events will also be an aspect of our education programs, having the students put on events for their families and friends at the end of the course. More details on our education programs will come in the future as we develop them with the help of the local universities and other charities.

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Our primary focus will be taking care of non-human animals which have been hurt by the agricultural system. This will include pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, and cows. We will also help animals that have been abandoned, neglected, or can't be rehabilitated or released into the wild such as horses, Shetland ponies, and foxes. We're open to new development ideas and we will expand as we build infrastructure to accommodate more animals such a birds, bunnies, and anything else we feel we can help. As of now we are starting with the smaller animals and will grow as land permits.


As of now we are in the beginning phases of getting our first plot of land in Fife. This will be only around 10-20 acres but a good place to start. We believe we can really help out the community and form strong bonds in this location.